Black Yogurt Maker

Make fresh and delicious yogurt at home with an EasiYo Yogurt Maker!

Beautifully simple to use, it takes just a few minutes to prepare your yogurt and then the magic happens naturally overnight.

With no electronic parts or power required, you can keep your yogurt maker anywhere on your counter top or move it around as required.  Sleek, black and compact it makes an attractive addition to any kitchen.

The Black Yogurt Maker comes with an EasiYo 35oz Jar with a black lid and a temperature strip.

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Use with EasiYo 35oz Yogurt Sachets
  1. Mix & Fill - Mix EasiYo Yogurt Packet with room temperature drinking water (60-68°F) in the EasiYo Jar
  2. Heat & Wait - Add boiling water to the Yogurt Maker and place jar inside. Leave to set for 8-12 hours
  3. Chill - Refrigerate Yogurt until chilled. Enjoy

Note: Clean your Yogurt Maker by wiping with a damp cloth, do not immerse it in water as this can damage the yogurt maker.

EasiYo Jars are dishwasher safe.

The plastic components used in all EasiYo Jars, Lunchtakers and Yogurt Makers are made from Food Grade polypropylene, which complies with food contact regulations in Europe and the USA (FDA), are BPA free and are suitable to withstand boiling water temperatures (softening point 152°C). This includes all colour pigments used in these containers.

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